Tanya is a dedicated teacher and student on the path of yoga, who loves to explore and share the deeper ways in which yoga can transform our lives. She skilfully holds the yoga space with great care and devotion in order to encourage students to dive more fully into the practice and into themselves.

Tanya’s classes offer creative sequencing, precise alignment cues and class themes inspired by her studies of both Yogic and Buddhist teachings.  Her intention is to offer an inviting space to discover and explore the body’s alignment, to release tensions and to expand and open the breath and energy channels.  Sometimes she does this through more inwardly focused posture flows, and other times, it can be more challenging and playful.  As with life, the palette for the classes is a varied exploration of poses and feeling tones, with the overall hues being a calm mind, an open heart and a vibrant, relaxed body.

Practicing, studying and teaching yoga since 1997, Tanya has taken several trainings, including a Hatha training with Barrie Risman of Shri Yoga in Montreal, where  her yoga practice was deeply transformed by the alignment principals, heart-based teachings and yogic philosophy.  Tanya continues to be inspired by a great many teachers from different styles and traditions, and takes joy in evolving her practice.

She has been fortunate to study Buddhist meditation with Reggie Ray, founder of Dharma Ocean Foundation, whose teachings and practices come from the lineage tradition of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche.  These teachings have greatly changed her life, and she often shares insights from this tradition.

You can also find Tanya at The Yoga Seekers Book Club, which explores different books within the yoga tradition.  She feels that a yoga practice gains more fullness, inspiration and insight through sharing as a community, and welcomes everyone to join the discussions.

Tanya hopes that the practices of yoga bring you into a place of deeper alignment in your body, mind and heart, so that you may live life fully, authentically, and courageously.