SatDaya took her first Kundalini Yoga class in 1997. She felt like she was home at last. The vibration of the sounds of meditation awakened her and reminded her of who she is. She felt the bliss of being happy and healthy. SatDaya has been teaching yoga since 2001 in a variety of settings; her living room, church basements, community centres, RCMP facilities, and 6 years ago at PranaShanti when it first opened.

Teaching is a blessing. To share this technology with others is a gift. SatDaya, (this name means, “Princess of True Compassion”), wants you to live your truth. SatDaya uplifts her students, allowing them to find their inner power and access their inner resources. SatDaya will guide you to self-knowledge and the ability to balance yourself in/under any condition/circumstance.

Kundalini changed the course of SatDaya’s life, helping to remove the obstacles and accumulation of unwanted limitations in her way. Better out than In, and Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes.

SatDaya will give you an experience. Would you like the power and ability to connect deeply with yourself, feel your roots and your wings? You need to be grounded so that you can fly. SatDaya brings a wealth of knowledge as a Shamanic Healer, Colonic Therapist and Nutritionist. She weaves tips and knowledge into her class to give you an unlimited, holistic experience.

Come and Find your Bliss. Unload the luggage you are carrying. It is time to be YOU. Welcome Home.