Sarah Little is a Registered Massage Therapist registered with the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario.

In addition, she has done the required additional studies in Active Release Techniques to be recognized as full body ART provider and recently completed a masters certification.

Sarah uses a biomechanical approach that focuses on the body as a dynamic whole and has experienced excellent results using myofascial release, active release, and neuromuscular techniques for postural dysfunction and repetitive use symptoms. This approach requires assessment skills and a treatment plan to address not only the symptoms, but the underlying cause.

She believes in the importance of client education and communication; to empower clients to have an understanding of how to prevent future re-injury.

She has a very healthy lifestyle. Gatineau Park is a second home to train in several sports and understands how there are always new challenges for the body to work through.

Sarah is very passionate about her profession and is dedicated to providing effective and long lasting results for her clients.