Sadie Nardini is one of the most in-demand yoga instructors in the world. She’s empowering, inspiring and knows her anatomy. Leslie Kaminoff, bestselling author of “Yoga Anatomy” calls Sadie “one of the very few yoga teachers in America whose work I unreservedly recommend.”

Sadie is also a musician, and the lead vocalist of fast-rising band Salt & Bone. She performs her intimate and tribal anthem experiences at festivals across the country.

She’s the host of “Rock Your Yoga” on the Z Living TV Network, in 25 million homes, and is the author of the “21-Day Yoga Body” (Random House). Sadie presents at all the Yoga Journal Live! Conferences across the country, and being with her is like being with a firestarter leader and friend who is there to laugh with you, empower you and help you transform on all levels.

Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga is a profound take on yoga, building poses from deep center, to make any style of yoga more effective and transformative. With Sadie’s style, students can get the weight loss, body sculpting, core strength, mental focus, stress relief and flexibility of a 90-minute class in just one hour! The style includes Sadie’s signature poses, fresh new sequences, core anatomy, and specific alignment points to empower any body more fully in any yoga posture! SADIE AS A VIBRANT, NEW LEADER OF SELF-HELP, YOGA & SELF CENTERING: She is one of the latest yoga and personal transformation personalities, is dynamic on-camera, and offers her writing skills to magazines and websites alike. She’s one of the most exciting new-generation leaders in yoga, eastern wisdom, fitness, lifestyle, relationships and living from Center.

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