As a mother, yoga teacher, and elementary school teacher, caring for others and keeping those around her well is very important to Ruth. Ruth first started practicing yoga when she lived in India several years ago and was inspired by a wonderful teacher there to become a teacher herself.  She knows that yoga has shown her how she can help herself and others learn about their bodies; to feel more comfortable with the body they have and to be able to feel the benefits of stretching and strengthening muscles, resting, and ultimately of healing.

Perhaps what gives Ruth the greatest pleasure in teaching is the knowledge that people feel differently at the end of a class.  The concerns and worries that they may bring into class are not how they feel at the end of their practice- something lifts; they seem happier, calmer, more content.  It’s possible to get a glimpse of who that person really is.  It is often the simplest things, like breathing and relaxation, that are the most balancing and profound. Ruth’s classes are warm and welcoming for everyone at every stage of life and for every ability.

Ruth has completed a number of teacher training programs over the past few years.  Apart from her initial Hatha yoga and Sivananda yoga training which began her journey, she added Restorative yoga, children’s yoga, and yoga for cardiac and cancer care.  Most recently Ruth has trained as a yoga therapist, which enables her to work with people experiencing chronic pain, or living with physical limitations, or with those of us simply feeling the stresses and strains of everyday life and just needing a little more support than a regular yoga class may be able to provide.

No matter what initially brings us to yoga, eventually the effects of our practice go deeper – beyond the purely physical – and becomes a part of who we really are.  We all need the healing effects of yoga in our lives and Ruth feels truly blessed that she has been given the tools to do this.

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