Join Monika for a lively, dynamic class infused with her cheerful personality. Monika delivers a class with very challenging core strengthening postures that strengthen her students’ bodies and minds. Combined with breathing, meditation practices, and a touch of humor, her classes are challenging and fun, so students arrive at the end of class fully relaxed.

Monika started practicing yoga 11 years ago to help a mild scoliosis. She started a Bikram practice and noticed the wonderful benefits from the very first class. After a few years of her dedication to Bikram yoga, she realized an incredible transformation in her posture, her body, her mental and physical strength, and most importantly, her spinal transformation. Her dedication to Bikram turned into a quest to learn other styles of yoga: Hatha, Power, and Vinyasa.

Monika completed a summer intensive 200-hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training certification in 2011, where she started to hone her spiritual practice. In January 2012, she completed a 30-hour Yin Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Joe Barnett, Paul Grilley’s most senior student; gaining an incredible knowledge of various types of Yin postures and also a more in depth knowledge of the anatomy of the body.  She’s also enjoyed study with Ana Forrest, which brought new focus to expanding her breath and attention into  undiscovered parts of her body and life.

Monika has dedicated herself to the spiritual and physical aspects of yoga, and is living proof that yoga can heal and transform the body and mind. Given her own achievement, she is devoted to her students’ success as well.


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