A wise yogi named Patanjali once said, “The perfect posture is where meditation on the infinite happens spontaneously,” but first one must seek out balance between ease and stability, of dedication to practice and non-attachment to the results of our actions.

My goal is to help others in their unique quest to find inner freedom. I believe we can all learn to heal ourselves through yoga by slowing down, putting expectations aside and practising regularly, constantly adapting to our changing needs. What can’t be healed can be managed with compassion and wisdom. Having had scoliosis my whole life, this is a lesson I’ve had to learn over and over again.

Drawing from a background in journalism and 16 years of yoga studies, my aim is to help you experience the delicate balance between stability and diaphragmatic breathing (traditionally called bandha), finding relaxation within challenging situations. There’s no such thing as a purely physical practice – what you do on the mat permeates everything in life. Slow down, laugh at yourself and enjoy the journey!