Shôken Michael Stone is a Buddhist teacher, yogi, psychotherapist, and author. He is committed to synthesizing traditional meditation teachings with the insights of Western psychology, philosophy, and medicine. The components of his work include teaching in a variety of retreat, conference, medical, and monastic settings. Michael also presents throughout the world as an acclaimed public speaker. His goal is to cultivate long-term relationships with serious students of yoga and Buddhism as he translates traditional meditative tools to facilitate their greater impact in the worlds of psychology, technology, economics, and ecology.

In 2003, Michael founded Centre of Gravity in Toronto. As one of the largest Buddhist communities in Canada, Centre of Gravity is recognized for its creative integration of yoga practice, Buddhist meditation, and social action. He has also served as Guiding Teacher at the True North Insight Vipassana community. His research and teaching explore the intersection of committed spiritual practice and social action. Michael is the subject of the award-winning documentary “Reactor” that chronicles his pilgrimage to post-Fukushima Japan.

Michael teaches courses and workshops to clinicians (including doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, palliative care workers, and psychotherapists) that integrate Buddhist teachings and meditation practices with contemporary approaches to clinical work. He coordinated the renowned Leading Edge Mindfulness for Clinicians Course in Toronto, as well as numerous training retreats. Michael’s academic background includes studies in psychology, psychoanalysis, philosophy, and comparative religion.

Michael is a respected Buddhist (Vipassana) teacher mentored by Norman Feldman. He is also a student of noted Zen teacherRoshi Pat Enkyo O’Hara. Michael’s primary yoga teacher is Richard Freeman and his teaching style is strongly influenced by his relationship with Buddhist teacher, Stephen Batchelor.

In yoga practice, Michael’s approach is to slow down traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa Krama sequences in order to bring deeper awareness to the subtle aspects of postures, while balancing attention to alignment with meditative awareness. His meditation teachings integrate traditional Vipassana and Zen forms with insights from Yoga and Mahayana Buddhism, while honoring the integrity of each tradition.

Michael maintains a dedicated international travel schedule. He and his family live on the coast of western British Columbia.

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