GuruMeher means “compassionate teacher”.

He studied with Yogi Bhajan and has taught Kundalini yoga and trained teachers internationally for over 35 years. He is the creator and author of Senses of the Soul, a system of self-therapy using heavy emotions mindfully as a source of intuitive guidance.

As a professional life coach, he teaches people worldwide how to solve the problems that block their success and happiness.

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Senses of the Soul

GuruMeher is the most caring and compassionate individual. His vigorous spirit and unstoppable energy filled our journey with the deepest and shiniest impression. Bringing his life-long meditative experience, he never failed to be the most prepared while handling the teachings in the most systematic way possible for this type of material with esoteric quality. He guided us and inspired us during this transformative process of uncovering the truth and beauty of our core being and life itself. Wahe Guru!
– Anita Sarabjeet Condic

GuruMeher is a very attentive and intuitive teacher that will take you to the depths of your mind.
– Olga Tarabashinka

Kind and very perceptive, gentle but strong way of helping you have some deep realization
– Jiwan Shakti Kaur

I never thought I could enjoy life and be content, but now I see the possibility. Just wanted to let you know your coaching work with me last year continues to reap benefits. Not sure how I would have handled all I am processing without our work together last year. Thank you so much for helping me!
– Jennifer

You have a gift for seeing to the core of the situation. What you said helped me see it all, then I could make it right.
– Nels