Born and raised in Kingston, Ontario, Brendan’s interest in the human body became apparent after graduating from high school. A friend suggested that he try practicing yoga and instantly he became hopelessly obsessed. In the beginning he would clumsily follow along to YouTube tutorials in his living room, and his obsession grew…

In the winter of 2013 Brendan traveled to Madurai, India for his 200 hour YTT in the Sivananda style of Yoga, and continued expanding his knowledge from there. Back in Kingston, Brendan taught classes ranging from Yin and Restorative all the way to Hatha and Power, with a special focus on Hand Balancing. Brendan understands very well the stress adaptation cycle that governs physical changes in the human body and, with a detailed understanding of your personal practice, can effectively solve any pain or performance issues you might be dealing with, on or off the mat!

His obsession grew deeper as he began to incorporate more and more movement practices, taking the philosophy and fluidity of Yoga, and applying it to a variety of practices including Kung Fu, Rock Climbing, Power-lifting, Capoeira, Snowboarding, and many more! This evolution included a deep curiosity of what really goes on under the surface of the skin when we’re moving, and when we’re not.

This brought Brendan to The International Academy of Massage Therapy, where he graduated with honours from a 19 month intensive  Massage Therapy program, and also received an award for Academic Excellence.

Brendan continues to dive into new movement practices while keeping up to date on the scientific literature pertaining to his profession to maintain as broad and well-informed a perspective as possible, while at the same time is never afraid to admit when he doesn’t know the answer to your question.

Brendan’s prioritizes keeping his clients well informed and making sure that they have all the information they need to reach their goals, whether it is to be able to wake up without pain, or to get that pesky foot behind your head!